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Cassper defends “O jewa Keng?” girl against troll



Cassper Nyovest is one of SA rappers who doesn’t entertain any form of insult nor shades from trolls as he’s willing to go any extent just to get the troll dragged.

Keabetswe is like an internet goddess ever since she nearly collapsed the internet with her tweet, simply asking: “O jewa Keng?” (what’s eating you?).

However, a troll hit on her saying she’s ugly. Tweeps clapped back and Cas also sent stinging words to the troll.

“That ‘O jewa Keng?’ girl is ugly guys. Someone had to say this. Her look is what eats me,” Troll said.

“You just wish that was your tweet. You such an ugly human being!!! Why are people so fucking bitter??? What did the poor girl do to you?” Mufasa tweeted back at the troll.

Keabetswe’s reactions to the troll be like:

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