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Hlengiwe Mhlaba reveals her suicide attempt



Gospel star Hlengiwe Mhlaba speaks on depression and how it almost took her life after attempting to commit suicide.

Numbers of celebs battling with depression have been growing and some successfully overcame it.

The gospel singer, shared her story of battling with depression in other to heal a soul out there, as she’s part of the Ungazibulali Depression and Suicide Campaign that encompasses different musicians, joined the campaign to educate youngsters and the public.

Mhlaba said the incident happened way before she became famous. She cited trying to kill herself because her family was refusing to assist her.

“The only thing I needed was a signature on a form that confirms that I will pay back the church money. When the family member refused, it really frustrated me because I wanted to study,” she said.

“I took my school belt and tied it to the rafters and hanged myself. Luckily, I was saved in the nick of time.”

“We use our own stories to motivate the public about dangers of depression. Celebrities are able to share the pain and the pressures of the industry which lead to this depression.

“There has been an increase of suicide cases of people in general and famous people. This is worrying.”

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