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Is Zodwa Wabantu dropping a book soon?



Zodwa Wabantu is breaking ground with her moves outside just her dancing career as she broke the internet with the first episode from her reality show on Moja Love TV.

Just while the internet is yet to catch a break over the feels the show stuck them in, the star might be taking a fan’s advise, saying she should drop a book about her journey.

The reality show reveals Zodwa’s struggle from teenage days and how she broke into success and she was applauded for such brilliant show.

The fan said: “Zodwa would you please write a book; I’d love to read about your journey, I think there’s a lot which is deep, sad yet again vibrant about your life that we don’t know you. But I for one would even come to the book launch. Please consider writing a book.”

The dancer posted the tweet on IG and captioned it as “Starring”. She might dwell on the fan’s advise.

Our hands crossed anticipating her next move.

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